This is me!


Welcome to my blog.  If I have to write a little bit about myself, I guess it might as well be the truth.

I’m borderline crazy. I eat WAY too much, like more than my husband, and much more than any normal person. I pop out of bed in the morning excited for the day. Every morning. no matter what. My house is always a mess, but if you say your coming over, it will appear tidy(i am an expert speed cleaner). It works out. I don’t stress too much.

Things I love: my daughter, my dog, and my food processor (and of course ant).

Things I can’t live without: my husband, a kitchen, my mousse

I believe in Karma, it forces me to make good decisions. (Like picking up dog poop, who knows what will come my way if I dont…) So, all in all its a good thing.

I like to try new things, often.

People who know me would describe me as passionate, persisitant, and ambitious, and active.

Feel free to make your own opinions!

this is what I look like (on a good day)


and these are the loves of my life


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