(Home) Strrrreeetccchhh

I think they invented this term specifically for pregnancy. It seems totally appropriate, and unnaturally fitting to call the last week or so of pregnancy by this given term. Home, because all you want to do is sit on your butt, and stretch, because your belly is stretched beyond capacity, and one has to mentally prepare for the fact that her lady parts are about to be as well.

photo (70)

I’ve spent the last few days reflecting.

Enjoying lunch with my daughter, going on 10am movie dates with my husband, taking the dog for an early morning walk to keep sane. Tasting every cookie that Wegman’s has to offer, and indulging in my third dessert for the day, as it won’t be long before I will be back to actually caring that I went over on my food diary by 500 calories!

I have spent much of my life wishing it away, racing to the next milestone, and hoping that each year would be better than the last. As it turns out, this time (these past 2ish years), are exactly what I’ve been (impatiently) waiting for:

Monday mornings kicked off by CK telling Ant to put on a shirt and go to work. Afternoons sharing funny stories via gchat of how our days are going.

photo (72)

Cozy week nights with my little family, watching jeopardy, doing puzzles, (over)eating homemade desserts.

Endearing Saturday traditions of breakfast at a local joint, with a cup of coffee after to officially start our, sometimes, lazy weekends.

photo (71)

It’s these things that make life abundantly wonderful right now. It’s these things that make the unknown of a huge life change, like say a newborn, overtly unsettling.

As happy as I am to make our family complete, my days of wishing for the next chapter to commence are dust in the wind. Savoring today has become my favorite pass time. Change will be good, and as a good friend put it, totally inevitable, but I think I’m allowed to be slightly apprehensive to mixing up this perfect recipe that we have concocting for ourselves.

Hopefully the next ingredient will bring roundness and unique flavor to our batter. Albeit, we won’t know until it’s been baked to perfection, cooled, and then savored in the years to come.

I will say,  there are very few baked goods this family won’t happily indulge in, even if they do taste a little off beat.





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