get it girl.

Tonight, as I stuffed my face (I’m not sure why they are letting me out the house anymore, let alone to public gatherings) I missed just about every down of the Superbowl. In lieu of watching those clever commercials, I fed CK bites of stromboli and about 5lbs of fruit.  Apparently, I left my sister’s house  just in time to miss the entire halftime show. No big deal, I’ll live.

It’s not often that I am impressed by the ability of a celebrity.  The way I see it, we are privy to a highlight reel of their abilities.  It seems as though, in a world full of fake eyelashes and obnoxious get-ups, mixed with this scandal and/or that love affair,  altruism is all to hard to come by in the world of smoke and mirrors that we call Hollywood.

But, as my facebook feed blew up with posts about Beyonce and how much my peers admired her, I decided to view the show via the Huffington Post . Expecting something a little cookie cutter, I found myself physically and emotionally energized by her performance. Clad is something totally appropriate for the event, without revealing too much of anything. I watched a woman, command and entire nation not only by her voice, but with her dance skills as well. It was obvious she worked her butt off  for this show! As many other women before her have done it, this performance alone was not the most amazing fete. What I realized is how genuine this artist is, revealing small pieces of her personality with each move she makes (or avoids) in the public eye, always staying classy, and redefining what it means to be a successful.

Most other celebrities with equal “success” have also had major setbacks that cause one to question where their true nature lies. As Beyonce thanked everyone for giving her the “moment” to perform, I realized she has meticulously laid out this path for herself. By never allowing anyone else to tear her down(or give them a reason to), she has remained the ideal role model for women, young and old alike. I guess I’m just glad to be around to witness one of the greats be a part of my generation.

Inspiring, and fun music to boot. What could be better?

Perhaps another cookie slathered with the refreshing key lime dip my sister made, or realizing how much fun blowing bubbles in milk can be?

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