Holidays are …

As the busiest time of year comes to head in the next few days, I find myself in playful daydreams. No, not of sugarplums or golden rings, more realistic reveries. I imagine myself cuddled up under a blanket by a fireplace, with a frothy cappuccino in hand, listening to the white noise of someone else vacuuming my house, and cleaning my bathrooms, and dusting, and picking up the countless books that continuously reappear on my floor. I bask in the glow of the fire, as people around me work diligently to make sure I am comfortable and happy in my surroundings. And for the 15 seconds that this mirage is going on, I am almost content.

Not a breath later I am  kicked in the rib by a needy fetus, cleaning up a box of goldfish that had been dumped in a bowl (read: all over the floor) and thinking about the million things on my to-do list, all while shoveling recently baked chocolate peanut butter cookies in my mouth by the dozen. Cookies I obviously baked trying to avoid other more important tasks. Ones that came from a cookbook I received as a Christmas gift. (she learned the “what? I didn’t eat THAT many” face, seen below, from me…)

photo (59)


This, one of THREE cookbooks I was gifted, THREE! Either the universe is saying  I need some major help, people want me to cook fresh recipes and more often, or it is hoping to see me pack on the pounds in my last leg of pregnancy. I’m not sure which message I prefer to accept, as all have repercussions.

Anyways, I’m sure you all are much more organized than I am, if not I feel you. It will all be over soon!

My agenda for the holiday includes a save the date design, an invite design, a logo design and a bridal shower design…anyone want to trade places for a the week? Just kidding, I’m stoked to be so busy, I just wish my brain would get on board dammit.


Lastly,  pregnancy… I was just sent a photo of Ant and I from his company Christmas party, and my double chins aside (can I blame it on the angle??), we don’t look too shabby. Also, I’m happy to say that at 29 weeks my body is cooperatively still letting me run 3x a week. I never thought I would be the running pregnant chick, but here I am. My goal was originally 20 weeks, which was obviously extended to 30 weeks, and hell if I can I’ll go til I pop!

I just trembled a little, giving birth…UGH.



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