Blame it on Charlie Brown.

After cringing at my growing body for the last couple of months, and then considering the opposite of my condition, I’ve decided reflecting in writing may be better than at the table tomorrow night…

Wouldn’t want to turn anyone’s stomach, or put them to sleep!

I wonder how I am so lucky to have:

1.) A great husband, who is always open and honest and loving and gaming…and moments like this:

2.) A better first baby than I ever could have imagined, I think someone is raising/teaching her while I sleep!

3.) Best. Dog. Ever.

4.) Cats… it’s a love/hate relationship. I’m not complaining ūüôā

5.) A family, a house (messy as it may be), and the ability to live each day (relativity) worry free and completely happy.

I’m pretty sure if I had any more going ¬†for me at the moment the world would implode and the¬†apocalypse¬†might actually come.

Ok you can stop gagging yourself now. I’ll bring you back to reality with some things that need work in my life!

1.) I need to stop harping on situations where people are just luckier/richer/more fortunate than I am. I’m sure their life is lacking somewhere…right???

2.) willpower (or lack thereof) in so many aspects of my life… please don’t ask me when I scrubbed the bathroom floor last, or cleaned out the fridge. You really just don’t want to know.

3.) Comparisons in general – people, places, things. Nothing good ever comes from it…

4.) Using my creative skills more effectively!

5.) Cats, specifically the sleeping arrangements…


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