observing the cracks

Over the last week, the thought on the forefront of my brain has been food, or food related. What else is new, right?

Well, last baby checkup I had gained 6 lbs in 4 weeks! The doctor and I had a similar reaction to the news: Yipe. The double yipe comes from the fact that I have not been able to curb my appetite, nor harness the ability to control myself.

I sit here typing this to reflect on just  how unfortunate my situation is. You see my next weigh in is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and while grapefruit has become my number one craving as of late, I decided to totally bake myself into an oblivion this weekend. With the help of a friend of course!

Odds that I gain another 6 lbs this month, you tell me…

First we whipped up some homemade marshmallows (literally)


Toasted Coconut? yes.


And since that was a two day process, we also decided to whip up some whole wheat apple cinnamon buns, to eat for breakfast while we cut the marshmallows!


My Sunday went something like this…

Wake up, eat a grapefruit, take a mini walk, eat a coconut macaroon, drink some coffee, bake cinnamon buns, eat marshmallows, cut marshmallows, ice cinnamon buns, eat cinnamon buns, toast coconut, eat more marshmallows…. and probably some more eating.

I then proceeded to take the longest walk of my life, figuratively speaking. No one told me that once my child started to walk that it would be her favorite pastime ! As we meandered through our court and down to the sidewalk CK took in every bit of the day that she could. Stopping to stomp on some leaves, sit in the grass, tell me I couldn’t hold her hand, and alas…


examine every crack in the sidewalk along the way. It was painfully hard to be patient, but then again, not so bad to see her obviously genius brain hard at work contemplating the meaning/purpose of said cracks…

Not to mention she tried to save the trees by giving them back all of the branches they dropped on the path…


Give thanks this year people. Give thanks that you probably have more will power than me, but maybe not a better Sundays…


6 thoughts on “observing the cracks

    • It was pretty good, We had to 1.5x the filling but it was worth it! And I used all whole wheat flour and still think they were great.

    • Definitely do it! It’s simple and everyone seems so impressed by the result, plus you will never have a better s’more in your life.

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