trader joe’s = yellow

There are few instances in life when I can honestly say I would like to simultaneously kick a man in the balls and give him a kiss.

As I meandered up the aisles of Trader Joe’s last night, Ant chased CK in and out of every corner of  the store, because she discovered the kid sized shopping cart they provide for even their tiniest customers. My husbands ignorance to letting me shop pregnant and right around dessert time left me drooling at any and every sweet I passed. It also didn’t help that there were clerks handing out samples at every corner.

But this item that has me both in love and feeling guilty, was discovered all on my own. If I were Harry Potter, my scar would have hurt as I passed it. I’m not 100% positive, but it might have even called my name a few times.

In case you need a translation: SWEET CREAM CHEESE, CHOCOLATE, PECANS, COCONUT, and a side of NIRVANA. ( the state, not the band)

I know a man created this item. I know it was the evil genius of a creature that has the will power to put down the spoon after a taste. It had to have been a man who doesn’t gain any weight regardless of his diet. One who, loves to see a woman smile, and then can push her to do ten more sit ups.

I need to meet this man. On the other hand, maybe he would  be safer under the radar.

Today, I managed to eat only one serving of this bundle of awesomeness. Tomorrow neither it nor I may be so lucky.

Trader Joe’s yellow. which, by CK standards is the proper pronunciation for I love you.

And so, after a weekend of eating and hanging with the entire family, I leave you with my favorite shot of CK and (half of) Aunt Dee. This, after she slide down the grass hill to the point where her diaper just could not hold anymore leaves, and she couldn’t have been any happier.


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