I once ate ten cookies in one sitting. There was a time when I ran ten miles without stopping. I used to be able to stay up past 10pm. 

As I think about the number ten, on this day, I cringe… 

19 weeks, and I’ve gained TEN pounds already! I know, I’m growing some type of being inside of me, but as a sit on my ass watching Ant sweat it out doing some power yoga, I can’t help but think about how delectable those ten cookies were that I ate that one time…

If my next kid is anywhere near as charming as my first, it’ll be worth it…maybe.

On to a more important topic

I need you to promise me that you won’t stop reading when I continue with my topic, promise me. now. Thanks.


I know you seriously thought about it, I even thought about deleting this post as I typed it. BUT I’m if you’re anything like me, you HATE politics.

I despise them. The commercials and debates make me sick to my stomach from the blatant lies seeping into the ears of innocent Americans.

That being said, I avoid political discussion at all costs because it’s a futile subject in which no one is ever completely satisfied. In turn, I ignorantly vote for the lesser of two evils (or so I hope…)

Are you anything like me?

Maybe not, maybe you are die hard one way or the other. To be honest, I’m convinced that anyone who is too far one way or the other is more ignorant than myself. Shame on you for foolishly trusting someone so completely.

I’m writing this post to let you know that my wonderful husband discovered a website that will help those of you out there who are on the fence and queasy like me. The best part is, it doesn’t require hours of research, or a debate in an form!


It’s something I’ve be asking the political beasts to create, for a long time now. Finally it’s here! It’s like a middle school quiz game, but in the end you get a mini education on who you could vote for based on where you match up on opinions!

The best part about the site is that it goes into detail about where you match up with the candidates and where you don’t! Not to mention, it uses all parties not just the overheard dems and reps! 

My advice on watching the next debate: SCREW IT, watch that show on your dvr you haven’t had time for yet!

go play in a puddle! (and play fetch with your dog)


 or read to your kid (and by read I mean play with an app on your phone)

Happy EDUCATED voting! 



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