Today I attended a Bridal show for the first time. I pretended to have my shit together. I dressed semi-professionally. I ate French Macaroons, and had tea infused with flowers. It was borderline gag-me-girly, I’m an adult, I dealt with it.

Sometimes, it’s not about me. But sometimes it is…

After setting up my booth, and feeling content in my display, I did a quick loop around the venue to see what others had brought to the table, so to speak. My complacency turned to hesitation as I realized my display was clearly approached in a different manner than the other, more seasoned, vendors. A pro portrait was missing from my business card, and it would appear that I was a one trick pony in comparison to the full service event planners that offered invitations.

I shuffled back to my “clearly homemade” display a little unsettled, but not totally defeated (this was my first event, after all).


As it turns out, some people appreciate a more honest and unrefined display. Lucky me.

I realized I had more work to display than places to put it. And somehow over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a niche, and settled into it quite comfortably.

After reciting my “elevator speech” more times than I care to remember, I can honestly say I think my (minimal) efforts were well received.  Here’s hoping I get at least one bite from all that talking!

If not, it won’t be a total loss, I did eat about 5 mini cupcakes from an awesome bakery, and a few other goodies from some other vendors!

Special thanks to Sarah from www.Sarahkatesvintage.com for spending the day with me, and helping me feel like I could hold my own among the pros!



3 thoughts on “event

  1. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You have a unique excellent vision. You ARE a pro. Embrace your quiet, reserved, self-confidence. Just don’t let that self-confidence turn into arrogance.

    Always strive to better yourself.

    My father always told me that you can achieve greatness by applying yourself, using your mind, and never “half-assing” it. Always give your 110%. You CAN achieve greatness… you ARE well on your way.

    Love you.

    • Thanks, too bad I half ass way too many things… I appreciate you helping me to get where I am today, wouldn’t be possible without you, but you already know that!!!

  2. first of all I SEE MY INVITATION! lol. second of all, you dont need your picture on your business card! you want people to pick you for your work, not how hot you are! but seriously, business cards arent for photos – you should have told them to take that off its tacky!! and third of all – i LOVE your display…its all about seeing your work. who cares how you set it up – everyone will clearly see you are such a talented designer and a down to earth person to work with. glad you were able to go to your first show!!

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