The tell tale zit!

The tell tale zit is a story of truth and fruition. One of impending news and ominous fortune.

For many of you a zit is just another pitfall that you awake to on any given day of the week. And, while I feel for you, zits are one of the few things I don’t have to deal with very often (props to the gene pool there). Don’t think I’m so lucky though, I have my physical shortcomings as well. Ever tried on pants in the kids section and have them STILL be too long? No? How about not being able to reach anything that resides on top of the fridge. if nothing else, you have to feel for me when is comes to the beast that has developed its own habitat on my dome, it’s untamed and frankly, I wouldn’t get too close to it of I were you.

Anyways zits and I don’t come into contact very often, so when I woke up to this one I knew….

I knew there would be sleepless nights and long days ahead, I knew my family would suffer and my body would pay a price. It was painfully obvious, only I needed more proof to convince the skeptical.

Low and behold, after obtaining something more solid than a fleeting clogged pore i had my proof. I knew all along, that zit officially marks the commencement of a nine month journey to the next addition in our family.



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