Cousins picnic, ie pig out fest

Tomorrow is our (Somewhat) annual family reunion. Which in Italian american terms means: a day of eating until your pants don’t fit.

You know that subway commercial where the buttons are flying off of people’s pants as they eat poorly, well subway could save a shit ton of money if they just filmed my family eating at a party.

Everyone was asked to make something, my category was dessert. After scouring a few go-to blogs and pinterest, I settled on these homemade girl scout cookie samoas.

And as a little treat I decided to make everyone staying at my Nan’s house some cherry almond muffins via a king Arthur flour recipe. And, while pitting a 100 cherries sounds like a day in the park, it sucks, so I may never make these again! But I’ve eaten three already, so at this rate no one in my family will even get to try them.

Hell, might as well send the subway crew right to my couch.



On a totally different note, this is the first post I’ve written from my phone, not sure that my thumbs can handle the pressure yet, but we’re working on it!


I’ll post a few pics of the samoas when they are done being prepped!


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