A.M. waterfalls

Just got back from our usual morning stroll and play-date. Yes, I mean a dog play date.

I never thought sweat could come from such places as I’ve discovered today. Pits, hairline, knee pits, butt, boobs, you name it, it was working overtime to cool me off!

Had you seen me on the walk home, you wouldn’t have thought I ran through a sprinkler and possibly peed myself in the process. Not to mention my awkward gate from my thighs being so sticky. All in all I’d say it was not one of my better mornings.

And now as I sit here expounding my life to you, the couch is vibrating. Not from the usual fart rumble, but from Grace panting so hard and so fast, that I feel like I’m on a gross vibrating motel bed.

Needless to say, I will not be venturing out of the house to do anything for the rest of the day. (Nala, my inspiration)

Although I could go for starbucks right about now….hmmm.



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