you know what’s awesome?

Getting a baby in a car seat, driving all the way to target shopping for a few things, and then realizing said baby took your wallet out of your purse while playing, and you left it at home.


Even more awesome, is the fact that I knew on the fussy ride home that there would be no chance of headed back out to the store today.


In less whiny news, there are actually some good things happening in my life!

If you hadn’t noticed, I took a brief hiatus from writing to get some work things accomplished. No need to make an announcement about it, you knew I would come back, right?

It’s sort of like when you have to fart around your friends. Why disclose it, unless you know it would eradicate the surrounding people’s sense of smell. Most of the time you just walk away and come back when you deem appropriate.  No one seems to notice, they are just happy that you came back!

My short break was like a fart.

and speaking of farts, my favorite thing on the internet to date!

I’ve got so many recipes to share, and designs to display to you.


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