The moment you know.

There are relatively few instances in life where a cranial light bulb is ignited.When you fall in love, when you realize you’re pregnant, or even the exact moment you realize that you were SO right about something.

My post today is about none of those big occasions, but another concept, so infinitely hard to recover from it’s difficult to grasp. Yes, I’m talking food here. That split second that turns into an entire night of regret. It’s the moment you know that if you go any further you will regret it, perhaps immediately, oftentimes the next day (ahem). You’ve eaten to your heart, and stomach’s, content yet something tells you to have just a little more. You give in for one last scrumptious bite, then a few more, and 1/2 a pie later you’re mid section is puffed out and your esophagus has been put through, on a small scale, a twisted  form of crossfit.

For me, this fluttering moment occurs, ohh, off the top of my head, like FOUR times a day. Lately, I’ve been fairly successful at harnessing my will power.

But…today was DEFINITELY one of those days where you can you can be conscious of repeated bad decisions but there is some universal force instructing you to do it anyway. And, I’m not one to mess with the universe.

Today,  as I’m almost positive you’re aware, was extremely hot/humid/muggy/icky/disgusting/depressing/and whatever other words your imagination can come up with that describe extremely undesireable weather.

What did you do today?

Me, I decided to enjoy being stuck in the house by engorging myself with everything that once existed in my pantry. No sugar granual, snack food, nor old butterscotch chip went unnoticed/unconsumed.

For the record,

I ate breakfast, a snack at Barnes and Noble (where CK and I went this morning to get a new book), One(and 3/4) of some not so great zucchini muffins I made, some leftovers, about 1/4 of a large watermelon, AND ice cream with some fudge and pb chips. all before 1 pm.

Also, you should know that I fully plan on eating dinner.

(and dessert.)


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