So what if I…

Tuesday, it rained. hard. CK and I walked grace anyway…so, what if I liked it.

My ode to… my(quirky)self!

So what if I…

Actually enjoy walking in the rain, without any rain gear, and getting soaked!

Like listening to this song:

Don’t have a favorite color, or food, or anything!

So, what if I eat cookies for breakfast, and pancakes for dinner.

It doesn’t bother me that I react to caffeine like the average person reacts to cocaine. Not a one bit.

No big deal that my tummy now has marks from something that creepily lived inside of it.

I’m totally fine with the idea that I have an inexplicable amount of energy in the morning, even if Ant’s not.

Maybe my fridge has some tupperware in it that has now developed a new species of mold. (What, I’m not going to touch it now).

So what if I can admit that I don’t really understand pinterest, or tweeting, or reddit.

I like the fact that I can make up a recipe for dinner, or dessert. Then eat it, love it, and forget how I made it!

It does not affect me at all that you think I’m insane.  Because, secretly, I think you’re a little weird too.



4 thoughts on “So what if I…

  1. How does each post get better than the next?!? I can’t wait to visit. I am not happy about CK turning one, but I am more than willing to take care of that tupperware in your fridge.

  2. So what if you married a video gaming nerd, that does have favorites, eats normal breakfasts, hates dirty unorganized things, has no energy in the morning, reacts normally to caffeine, understands reddit, twitter, and pinterest, and loves jotting things down for my memory’s sake. Although i do enjoy walking in the rain…

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