Meatball incident

When I’m frustrated or stuck, I do many things. Usually, my frustration manifests itself in binge eating (mainly chocolate) and a headache. Occasionally, I bite my nails, or pop a few pimples. But for the most part it rests itself on my brow. I run my thumb and pointer finger over it a million times as a try to work through my issues. It’s something I always hope to be alone in doing, because between the eating and the mood swings, and the pimple squirt, its just the definition of anti-beauty.

Which leads me to my(much more adorable) kid.

The other day I cut up a turkey meatball for CK, and placed in on her tray, along with a few other options. She happily ate about half of the spongy, brown food until… she choked. Now, before you go on about how I’m a terrible parent for letting her choke, you should know that this occurs somewhat regularly among children her age. The meatball incident was a far cry from other choking experiences. After getting whatever was lodged in her throat up (or down), she promptly chucked every other piece of meatball off of her high chair, deeming it unfit to be consumed. Her eyes laughing as the meat bounced off of the carpet, as if to say, ” you won’t fool me twice”.

And just like that, Grace had a mid-afternoon treat all for herself. Suffice it to say, that little lady knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to her frustration. Just cast off whatever has inflicted said problem. If only I could discard the things in my life that were frustrating me!

In the mean time, some pics of the decorations I am making for Ck’s first birthday! We’ll call this phase 1:

Me after an hour of concentrating on my project. So sexy it hurts.

So far so good, I’ll have the finished pics up soon!

And the Paper Rose Garland will, hopefully, be worth sharing too!


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