The problem with not eating is that it makes you miserable. And, the problem with being miserable is that you can’t write well, nor do you care to!

So, I spared you all the annoyance of my negativity! Thoughtful, right?

Well on my not so perky road to recovery there was eating (albeit painful), traveling, cleaning, driving, and even some no-bake recipes!

Like these gems:


No-Bake Peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies! My family loved them! I might add in some rice krispies next time for crunch. These were good enough that I chewed through the pain three days in a row to have them for breakfast! (what? there’s oats in them…)

And these…

Oreo Truffles! or Troofuls as Ant’s Dad calls them.

Combine 1 package of crushed (i.e. pulverized) oreos with an 8 oz. package of cream cheese until really well blended. Mix  like there is no tomorrow, until your sweating and your arm hurts. And just when you’re thinking this might be a form of torture, keep going. When you collapse on the kitchen floor, you can stop. Recover quickly folks, there’s more!

Roll into small balls (1 inch) and refrigerate, or freeze for 30 mins. Melt chocolate. dip. fridge. eat.

They were a total knockout, and eaten up far too quickly!


Over the holiday we went to the Poconos and even ventured to the lake a couple of days. That’s where I saw it. A vintage turned contemporary swim suit style, that I cannot unsee. Here I was worried about what I would wear this summer knowing that, bikini’s and one pieces were both not an option. Why? Because I said so. If you’re the type of person that enjoying stripping down to your skivvies in front of crowds of people, lets face it, we probably aren’t friends, and most likely never will be. And on the other hand if you enjoy a good camel toe and like your butt cheeks flapping out there for all to see, same idea, but we might get along if you threw on a pair of shorts.

Alas, a cure for the hideous 1 piece, and the all too revealing bikini, and no its not a monokini. (I’m not sure when these actually came into style but very few people can pull them off, and the ones who can should probably just stick to a bikini!)

Anyways, the swimdress has arrived my friends!

Women's Allen B. <em>Swim Dress</em>, Cinch Front Shirred Bandeau - Black

It’s subtly sexy without being revealing, its comfortable and easy. It is what I will be sporting all summer, and proud of it! Never in my life have I been in a GOOD mood after bathing suit shopping. Ever. But, all that has changed folks. Hell, I could do a cartwheel in this number if I choose to, and I just might.

Not for you? Just don’t burst my bubble please. It’s nice to feel good about yourself every once in while!

Some photo’s from our trip:

Carmella cheesin:

ER and ZJ were stoked to hang out with grace! Pete had to protect her from them.

Poppie throwing back a (ahem) cold beverage.

Waiting for our table at breakfast:

Waffles 🙂

Like mother like daughter, she doesn’t like to share her food!

ZJ really excited for a picture!


4 thoughts on “consequences

  1. All 3 girls are getting so big!! The last picture is too funny. Glad CK loves waffles and isn’t afraid to give you the stare down, trust me she is saying, “Don’t judge me.”

    • can’t wait to show her this when she is our age, and say, it was in your blood! I’m sure there are many of me like this at her age…poor kid is doomed.

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