After developing a huge bruise on my face, after not eating for 5 days, after polishing off an entire bottle of pain killers, after apologizing to Ant 100 times for being miserable all weekend, after literally drooling over practically anything that contains calories, after realizing it’s 10:30 and I’ve done nothing productive for the last 3 hours

WHY didn’t I just go to bed?

Because that last bit of Ben and Jerry’s was calling my name. And if there is ever a good time to take a new lease on healthy eating, this week would have been it. Apparently, this just isn’t my time.

I’ve cooked nothing, designed a little, and planned ALOT for CK’s birthday Party!

I know she won’t remember any of it,  but, we will and I want it to be great. We’ve been through some craziness this year, and my philosophy is that you never NEED a reason to celebrate, but if you have one, don’t let it pass you by!


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