it’s laughable.

I thought yesterday was pretty bad, today seemed to be a smidge worse.

And by smidge I mean: If there were a real life “complaint department” somewhere, I would have been in line all day waiting to just let loose.

Now, I am well aware that I am lucky enough to have such 1st world problems. Getting my tooth extracted by a real dentist, having meds and pain killers (which I have yet to put into play), and also not having to return to a workplace today, are all greatly appreciated. The only person who looked at me funny all day was my kid. And, she has an uncanny ability to look at me in a way where I second guess myself quite often. So, I guess that’s all good.

Be real though, if you could just rant and complain and have someone respond with how wonderful you are and how strong you are for getting through and such, wouldn’t it be awesome? Hopefully, I wouldn’t spend too much time in this hypothetical place, as I’m pretty happy most of the time.

This morning:


and now:


I”m spent. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to eat!



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