The day has come.

I pulled out the shorts today. A bittersweet affair, if I do say so myself. Summer is on the horizon and my pale legs are serving as the blinding sun!

After a little grunting and some sucking in, they are up. I’m not sure how long they will stay that way. You see, in today’s world, we women, are expected to be so many things. One of which is tan, yet miraculously cancer free. I’ts pretty damn hard to be both folks.

I am going to target and not returning until I find some remedy for this dilemma.

In the mean time I am contemplating dinner. And after eating three heads of roasted broccoli, I for once, am not that hungry!  We’ll be making Spinach pesto over grilled turkey cutlets, and some tomato and cucumber salad.  We’re a sucker for that salad.


Spinach Pesto:

2 hands FULL of spinach

zest and some juice from a lemon

1 handfull of nuts. Any kind you like, but walnuts and pine nuts are great here!

Salt and pepper

Good amount of grated cheese (maybe 1/3c?)

Oil to loosen maybe 1/4 c

Pulse Spinach, lemon zest and juice, nuts, salt and pepper in a food processor. Turn on, then add in olive oil to desired consistency. This should not be runny, so don’t over do it! Stir in cheese. Serve over anything you want, we like chicken or turkey.


Also, I’ve designed some pretty fun/funky grad party invites for my bro-in-law. Check it out! Can you guess which one I would pick and which one my Mother-in-law chose? 😉


Wish me luck guys, today’s the big day. I will head to the chair, go under the knife, and won’t even reap the benefits of the procedure until months from now. Just support my bravery, and I promise to tell the tale when I return. 


2 thoughts on “The day has come.

  1. I recommend trying Victoria Secret’s self bronzing spray or Sally Hansen leg spray…I used these recently and according to my daughters it looked natural and added just the right amount of color:) Get a lighter color than you think you want to be as I think that is the key to looking natural.

    • Thanks! I bought the Jergens natural glow for now, if that doesn’t work, i’ll head to one of your suggestions!

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