oh, yea.

There aren’t too many times where I’ve wanted to know what it feels like to get kicked in the face.

Yet here I am with, what I imagine, is the identical sensation.

The scoop:

Went in, waited 45 minutes to see the dr., which became increasingly agitating as I was already tense about being there in the first place. I was pleasantly surprise at the accuracy in which they estimated the time in surgery. It was about 25 minutes of slicing, tugging, yanking, filling, stitching, and even some laughing thrown in there. All in all, not the worst experience I’ve ever had at the dentist.

6 hours post op: not much swelling…yet.

As I’m sitting here typing this, lacking the numbness which existed a mere hour ago, I contemplate how to cope with the pain I’m exhibiting.

Option 1: Take a drug with these side effects: “Blurred Vision, Constipation, difficulty breathing (Yes, please!)

Option 2: Take Ibuprofen and home it takes the edge off, even if it’s only a little…

Option 3: Do nothing and continue to complain to my readers, and eventually Ant when he gets home.

(Option 4: Combination of options 1 and 3)

The best part of the day:

People, it’s awesome, yet not actually nutritious in any way. Beggars can’t be choosy.


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