The up side of pulling teeth

The deed is done. Well, maybe not totally but the appointment is definitely SET.

T- 7 days until “operation implants”.

Not only is the appointment set, but I have willingly agreed to forgo the anesthesia, and only do the topical Novocaine. Why, might you ask? Well for starters, insurance doesn’t cover it and secondly, I decided I can handle it. If I can push a (small) bowling ball through a hole the size of a baseball, I can stomach a few needles in the mouth and some cadaver bones being inserted. (Not weird at all right?)

What I’m not sure I can cope with is the chunk of skin they are going to be pulling from my inner cheek to cover said extractions. I’m not positive I will be able to recover from a few days of not crunching down on something tasty. Countless hours of inability to eat. anything. It’s going to get ugly around here.

Which brings me to the up side of pulling my teeth. I may drop a few lbs! Not on purpose of course, and not the kind that stay off permanently, but who am I to complain!  Also, some new recipes are bound to come out of a liquid only diet, right? I’d like to think so. One more thing, I will finally be able to chew on the right side of my mouth again, YES!

Keep your head up folks. I’ll be sure to put up some comical pictures of my chipmunk cheek!


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