I cried today, far too much for a somewhat pleasant Monday morning. I”ll give you three options to choose from as to why I might have shed some tears this morning.

1. CK’s appt with the Neurologist to see if she needed surgery on her skull

2. Listening to a song by a tall blond country crossover artist.

3. The Beautiful food on display at whole foods, or just being there…

While I did get inspired at the grocery store, it was not quite an emotional meltdown. The Philly cheese steak sausage did brighten my a.m.. But, only because now I know exactly what is for dinner, and I can check that off my list of things to do today.

This creme filled Oatmeal Cookie sandwich would usually bring a gleeful droplet to my eye. Not today though. Just happy to put something in my empty stomach! We had to rush out of the house after our usual walk for the doctors appointment!

Dr. Stephenson, a Neurologist at CHOP, assured us that our girls head is just fine. While also reiterating that her muscle tone is great and plowing home her opinion that she should be completely capable of crawling (but assuring us that she will when she feels like it, and to enjoy our last few “immobile” weeks)! She definitely got her stubborn streak from BOTH me and Ant! damn.

So no, nothing to cry about there.

If you guesses the semi-adolescent music of a chick who is singing about simple milestones in a girl’s life, you know me all too well. Some days, anything can start the emotional roller coaster (that generally takes place in the car on a ride to pretty much anywhere). Today, it was this song:

(not sure about the video…)

As we approach the anniversary of our first full year of being parents, I find it hard to not reflect on my own memories of childhood. I can’t wait to be a part of CK’s reflections one day. It’s exciting to think about the future.

That song was quickly over, and it was ll downhill from there. I cried at pretty much every song thereafter! Thank goodness, I didn’t have to make any stops on the way home. Hot mess, not the most attractive look on me.

And here I am sharing this intimate moment with you, shedding some vulnerability in admitting I listen to…I’m sure you can figure her name out! (I may never admit it) But all jokes aside, I hope CK grows up listening to something that she can relate to, something that helps her through all of the tough shit that is, inevitably, part of growing up!

What music is iconic of your teenage angst? Who do you turn to these days to help you let loose?

C’mon, don’t be shy…


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