it gets me EVERY time.

No, I’m not talking about a breast cancer commercial, or even a depraved ASPCA commercial, although I often shed some juice while watching TV.

Its the chocolate that gets me. every. single. time.

This morning (and last night), I was craving oatmeal raisin cookies. Fine. I found a recipe that didn’t have a thousand pounds of sugar in it. Lovely. I make the dough while CK is watching me in her high chair, chowing down on some cheerios. She is perplexed over why the water doesn’t come out of the sippy cup when she sucks. I’ve shown her a thousand times to lift it up. She refuses, I help, she gives up, and I end up holding it there for her. This happens about 6 times in the process of my concocting.

I scoop the first dozen onto the cookie sheet. Perfect little spheres of satisfaction.

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, now could I? I break out the bag of chocolate chips (that is half empty from us picking on them when we need a sweet treat), and dump them into whats left of the batter. Meanwhile, the first tray is finished baking. My EXACT craving staring me in the face. I eat two. Craving: assuaged.

Why stop there my brain tells me. Bake these chocolate ones.  And then eat them. Eat them and go beyond delighted. Go to nirvana. You know you want to.

I tell you this. If my conscious ever became a tangible entity, I would punch it in the face. Being as it is, I just give in to it’s every command.

I’m not super upset about it. They were awesome. (CK also loved the plain oatmeal cookies.)

I recently designed this (ahem) unique logo for Ant’s ice hockey team. Apparently it is video game related? No idea.

I think it’s one of those, “so ugly it’s become ok” type deals? The boys seems to enjoy it.



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