Opposites attract.

Yesterday, I woke up to the same person I have been for the past 2 years, in the house we bought two days before our wedding, with the dog (under the bed) that we got one month after our nuptuals.

Two years ago, we were bright eyed, naive, and overly excited to have a mortgage payment. We credited going to the bars in West Chester and watching a ball game on TV as a great form of entertainment. The extent of our spirituality resided in whatever Philly sports chant was transpiring. Our rituals included quizzo at Duffers on Thursdays, and hanging out friends on Sundays for the Eagles.  We did whatever, whenever we wanted.  There were a million reasons to feel like the world was sitting at our doorstep. And we were totally happy.

Today, we are not so ignorant,  slightly sleep deprived, and wondering why we took on a mortgage payment at all in that market.

Only today, I can say, that I am the most blissful I could be (short of hitting the lottery). Watching a mini version at Ant laugh at our insanity definitely IS the best form of entertainment. That, or watching the old office episodes together! Spirituality has become something we grow in together.  Saturday morning breakfast (anywhere) has become our favorite ritual. And hiking together, the best way to think over big decisions. Now, with the world at our fingertips we are living it, and trying to embrace the good moments before they decided to leave us prematurely.

I thought I married I good guy. I hoped I had done enough good to deserve the life we anticipated.

In retrospect, I’ve never been more wrong in my life.

I married, hands down, the best person I have ever met. I have a life I couldn’t have even dreamed up if I tried, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that our relationship definitely has gotten better in time.

This is my toast to two years.

-With love (obviously)



2 thoughts on “Opposites attract.

  1. beautifully written…you two are rather awesome.

    Oh and thank goodness I show up to take pictures or your readers would be stuck with more shots of Ant in his skivies.

    One more thought, “You lack discipline.” Said of course in the best Arnold impersonation Ant has. Followed by laughter from CK!

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