Fresh. Can’t stop this.

My grandma (Nanny) used to use the term “fresh”  when us grand kids had attitude or said something impolite. She would still say it today if she had a reason. I like to think she’ll be here to tell CK when she is being fresh. Because, lets be real, she will have her moments as a kid.

I love the term fresh in Nanny’s regard. It refers to something sassy and outspoken; It’s improper, and crass.

FRESH is everything about this sandwich I made. Nan would be proud!

It was one of those times, when I knew I had the right ingredients to make something awesome, but just didn’t feel like cooking anything. So, I threw everything into a sandwich. Awesome.

Start with toasty whole grain bread, baby spinach:

toss in some Persian cucumbers, marinated artichokes:

lots of avocado, because it makes everything that much better:

Campari tomatos, and zesty garlic hummus slathered on the toast:

Cut in half (and don’t waste any time worrying about a clear photo before digging in!)

Warning: The above sandwich does not make for “pretty” eating, food items will end up all over your face and hands, but trust me, you won’t care!

This delectable bite was so scrumptious that my Fast-Food-Slinging, Tastycake-loving, bacon-inhaling husband actually asked me to make him one for dinner!

It  was a win win for this spunky, standout, not so proper, and unrefined stack of veggies! Definitely FRESH.

A totally wonderful picture of me in my new apron (in my defense it was after running in the rain).

“Get thee to the Kitchen at once!”

the detail:

and my favorite shot from the weekend:


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