The opposite of enjoyment

Just now, before I started typing, I placed my hands up to my forehead and rubbed my temples. Can you picture it? A sure sign that I am experiencing unwanted stress.

But why? You’re life is awesome, you eat lots of food, and drink good beer. You have a mildly attractive family, and a decent home. WHY? Relax…I know!

One word. Dentist. I quiver just typing it up. I may need to revisit this post later, because I am likely to break out in a cold sweat at any given moment.

I could delve into my past, and let you know why I hate the dentist, though it’s really not important. Simply know that it is a rational fear that stems from poor genes and many bad experiences at this particular hygienic facility.

We’re not talking about you’re routine check up here people (although, there is never anything good that comes from that either!). This is the real deal. I mean scalpels and drills and blood and bones and all of that.

I need implants. Not the kind that make the boys go crazy. Not the kind that fix your face, or bump up your butt. The kind that allow you to chew on a side of you mouth that has been neglected for way too long.  And I can handle the implant part of the procedure, it’s just the extraction of the teeth (or whatever is left of them) that makes me, ohh i dont know…

afraidaghastantsyapprehensive, basket case,bugged, butterflies, careful, choked, clutched, concerned, disquieted, distresseddisturbed,dreading, fearful, fidgety, fretful, hacked, hyper,in a state, in a tizzy, in suspense, jittery, jumpy, nervous, nervy, overwroughtrestlessscaredshakingshaky, shivery, shook up, shot to pieces, solicitous, spooked, strung out, sweating bullets, tauttroubleduneasy, unglued, unquiet, uptight, or something like all of those combined!

I am a grown up (nominally), and sometimes I have to do things I don’t want to.  Sure, I will live (maybe). And, when all is said and done, I will have some new teeth to show for it. But in the mean time I am going to act like the biggest baby I know!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some ridiculous pics of my with a chipmunk cheek! Coming: early May! (save me…)


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