Call me what you will…

I like to think I’m partly old-fashioned, partly practical, and only slightly materialistic.

And, since I’ve been living under the “cloud” instead of in it, I’ve decided to join the 21st century and upgrade to the iphone.

Not so impressive to you. I get it. But, when you wait years past a fads commencement, and then finally make the jump, there is a sort of giddy excitement that comes along with the caboose you’ve been riding. My peers (and even my dad!) have been texting on a screen, and instagramming, and facebooking from their phones for ages. I, on the other hand, have simply dialed and called and talked on my antiquated phone. I surfed using that obsolete laptop sitting on my coffee table, and I snapped pictures using that persnickety old thing called a digital camera. I was deprived, even pitied, and for what? I should be lucky to enjoy such luxuries. Unfortunately, I could only hold out so long before I felt downright inadequate about my (phones) shortcomings.  Now, just like the rest of the over privileged and under appreciative public, everything is at my lazy, uncoordinated fingertips.

I can’t say that I’m either proud nor ashamed of my actions, just feeling a little smug in my ability to have the world in the front pocket of my purse.

Just so you know, I have refused to join this IT jungle for as long as my will power would hold out. I have himmed and hawwed of that $30 monthly data fee, and I, obviously and finally, have given in. Sorry “make a wish foundation” I will NOT be donating to your cause at checkout anymore, gotta save my singles for the latest and greatest apps.

I’m joking, I think….


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