It’s definitely a good Friday.

I’ve had a hectic week. You see, this is when all of the June brides need their wedding invitations! Who am I to keep them waiting?

So many new designs, so much to love. I’ve done two shower invitations, and a couple weddings recently. The more I’m in this business the more I love designing. I finally feel like I’m allowed to have a modicum of confidence in my abilities. Such a good feeling.

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

Bridal shower invite

A simple bride, with flare for modern style.

A traditional bride, with a punch of Tiffany Blue to show they are NOT shy!

This is just a sneak peak, for more photos visit the gallery of my work!

And of course, I’ve designed a few logos  in the mean time too. The first is for a Mobile Car Washing business that is “green”. I’ll post when the design is finalized! The other was for Ant’s hockey team. Though, It’s a little too embarrassing to show the outside world. I’m not being coy here, it’s some type of video game reference with a sheild and triagles and an eagle. You wouldn’t get it.. I still don’t.

Just know that I AM doing more than invites!

And food, there is always something to say about food isn’t there? CK  says, “nom, nom, nom” :

How about this: Completely Guilt Free Pudding.Yogurt. Pudding/yogurt. Pudding made with YOGURT!

You should be close to in heaven right now. In case you weren’t sure.

My favorite combo is Pineapple Greek Yogurt with Pistachio Pudding. I do not blame you if you just vomited a little in your mouth…

BUT maybe, just maybe you could imagine this combo with Chocolate pudding mixed into strawberry yogurt? It might as well be custard in my opinion. It’s THAT good, and it only takes about 20 seconds to make!

Simply open a single serving of your favorite yogurt:

Drop  in two teaspoons of the desired pudding mix.

Stir until its all dissolved

and consume with a wreckless abandon. No fears that anyone could be watching, or wondering what you are doing. Just eat it, eat it all, and lick the cup. It’s just what you do when something is that delicious.

Now wipe your face. you slob.


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