oh please, would we be so lucky? I think not.

But maybe CK will be one day!

I just devoured almost an entire pan of roasted broccoli and butternut squash. It wasn’t pretty. I’m still in sweats, and its past noon. I had cookies for breakfast, and I have not moved from the couch since the baby went down for a nap an hour ago.

On that note, I wanted to write about the things I hope for my girl to inherit, or not, from her parents.

I want her to get from her Dad:

His happiness. He’s not moody, like me.

His playful spirit.

The way he loves, I hope she loves that way too.

His ethics, and ability to prioritize.

His honesty.

His slight naivety, its vulnerable, but not dumb or ignorant. I love it.

Lastly, his uncanny ability to read people. It never fails.

Things I want her to get from her Mama:

My optimism.

My passion to throw all of myself into projects (hopefully she will finish more of them than I do!)

My comfort in rarely wearing make-up, and wearing my hair natural.

My idealistic/dreamer side with a dash of ants realism.

My love of food and cooking.

My ability to converse with anybody. (as long as gracie is around!)

And now for an abridged list of things I hope she doesn’t inherit from us:Β 

Ant’s temper, he was known to throw video game controllers as a kid.

My disdain for discipline in all aspects of my life…

Ant’s lack of get-up-and-go!

My need to be in control of all things at all times.

Ant’s yelling, or just his loud nature in general

My occasional need for shiny new things πŸ™‚


Invites that I did not design (but could!),

A neighbor saved this OOBER expensive letterpress invitations for me to drool over. I love them. Ant thinks they are illegible.

All I can say is I could make them for less than half of the price! And they would look just as pretty (sans letterpressing…but who needs to spend all of that on PAPER anyways?)


Looking at these photos again, you can’t even see the imprinted text. But trust me, they feel awesome.

What do you think?



6 thoughts on “inheritance!

  1. Not only did Ant throw controllers, he would take both of his hands, wrap them around his neck, and choke himself “Jack the Ripper” style when he died in a video game. I hope Carmella doesn’t get that! πŸ™‚

  2. I wanted to tell you how heartfelt this post was and then I read Pete’s comment and it reminded me why I am so grateful for my friendship with both of you…. Your ability to make me realize life is best when filled with laughter!

  3. I have to agree w/ Ant on the invitation be illegible. It looks way to cluttered, and I feel I wouldn’t want to look at it for too long haha. I forced myself to read it was a wedding invitation. However, I do like the font!

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