Tex-Mex Meal Celebration

This week I became enlightened to the idea that I am, in fact, a stress eater.

CK had to have an xray of her skull. Not so scary. Waiting to hear the results from said radiation, infinitely unnerving.

Luckily, my girl is just fine.

Me however, I could use some serious help. In the two hour gap between the xray and the results phone call, I managed to eat a half of a bag of baby carrots, and entire container of hummus, about three servings of triscuits w/pb, and a can of coke. All without being hungry. The pediatrician declined comment on MY condition. I don’t blame her. My only saving grace in this matter is that I don’t stress out very often!

And so there was, to my delight, many reasons to celebrate. CK’s rapid decent back to normalcy, and Ant’s unexpected (and hopefully delightful) new job!

I decided there should be more than just us celebrating. We invited Pete, Katharine, and our twin nieces Evelyn and Zoe, over. At the request of my brother-in-law, I was to make a meal that was Tex-Mex inspired, and “easy on the stomach”… (if you catch my drift). He’s not shy. Nor am I, so I complied.

This is not easy for someone who has a hearty Italian palette! So I did a little internet/blogger recon and came up with:

Canteloupe Salsa as an appetizer

Lime Marinated Chicken Quesadillas. No pic. There is just no photograph that does these justice. BUT I will give you an awesome tip. Use store bought FRESH salsa in them. It takes them to another level, and cuts out a bunch of work!

I had a box of Trader Joe’s Corn Muffin mix in the cupboard, so I threw them in the oven too.

White Bean Chili, which I devour with an entire bag of  tortilla chips.

and Black Bean Brownies. Don’t knock ’em til you try ’em!

I would have loved to snap a pic of the whole table ready for our feast, but when you there are  three babies to watch, the whole sit down dinner idea gets thrown out the window. This was more of an, eat what you can, when you can, where you can, type of meal. No one complained.

I’ve adapted some of the recipes:

The Salsa: I used Jalapeno instead of chili pepper.

The Chili: I use 1.5 times the beans, and spinach instead of chard.

The Brownies: They call for spinach, and you REALLY can’t taste it! Make them. now.


2 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Meal Celebration

    • its awesome, we will eat an entire cantaloupe between the two of us! Well… Ck loves them too.

      She is mid nothing… still not crawling!

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