More from the weekend

Looking back, there is so much I learned from the weekend, and this wedding in general. I have decided to list everything for your entertainment:

-Black and Tan’s are delicious (Harp with a bit of Guiness on top).

-My mother is like the energizer bunny on the dance floor. Just when you think she took a rest, she comes truckin around the corner.

-Some limo drivers take the career choice very seriously.

-My dad is NOT like the energizer bunny and likes to avert the term hangover to: “under the weather”.

-Adults call car bombs shots

-Your real friends are always there for you. Even if you didn’t think they were your BEST friends.

-Some people really do glow on their wedding day.

-There just might be some benefits to curly hair.

-I cry more often when others cry. Same goes for laughing.

-One of Ant’s friends finally has a GREAT girlfriend.

-Presenting a gift to the Virgin Mary in a Catholic wedding ceremony is, on a small scale, a form of torture.

-No matter how tired you are, there is nothing like getting up and baking a kick ass breakfast, and then eating it ALL.


On Sunday morning, after our friend Sadie devoted her weekend to watching our little munchkin, I decided to get up early and make her the breakfast she requested weeks ago. It was that berry crumble that I ate at the Market Street Grill a while back. And I must say, it came pretty close to being as awesome as the real thing!

Since this is my first time introducing you to Sadie, there are some things you should know about her. She will be mad at me for writing this paragraph! She, can’t eat gluten. (I welcome the challenge this poses in the kitchen.) She saved my college years from being spent with a group of smelly, lazy, drunk boys. She comes from a town in the middle of nowhere, that I will see one day. She likes to clean. She doesn’t mind that I walk the dog 14 times a day. She is a teacher. She wears gold jewelry. She eats, and eats, and eats like me. We are dangerous together. The only difference is her stomach is FLAT. Because she works out a lot. It works for her. I just eat…

She also took this photo before the rehearsal dinner Friday night:

My Berry Crumble:

10 minutes later:



1 Bag trader Joes Very Cherry Berry Frozen Fruit

2 Tbs Cornstarch


1 Cup Oat flour (oats that I pulverized in the food processor!)

1/2 Cup of almond meal,  or just crush up some slivered almonds

Pinch Salt

1/3 C Sugar

4-6 Tbs Butter

Preheat oven to 350.

Pour Frozen Berries into an relatively small oven-safe bowl and toss with cornstarch. Set Aside. Combine oats, almond meal, salt, and sugar. Toss. Dice up the butter, and then use your fingers to incorporate it into the oat mixture. Pinch and knead until it all comes together. Add more butter if it is not! Put crumble on top of the berries, then bake for 45 mins, or until you just can’t wait any longer.

Top with yogurt, or ice cream, or whipped cream, or…. You get the picture.

This makes about 4 servings.

Note: This is a recipe I made up, so please take whatever liberties you want! A splash of lemon juice in the berries would add some good flavor, whole almonds in the crumble would be great too. If you have a different bag of frozen fruit, just throw it in the bowl!


4 thoughts on “More from the weekend

  1. Excuse me sister, I would like to get some props for introducing you to the wondrous magic of the Black and Tan (or as some would call it… Half and Half)!
    Love always,
    Your favorite brother in law, Pete

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