Boobies and Brains

First the boobies!

Not what you expected, I know, but these puppies (AKA chicken cutlets in girl world) kept my boobs looking full and perky all night for my sister-in-law’s wedding! Thank God I’m married, because otherwise my chest would have been a huge disappointment to any other man I slept with Saturday night. Luckily, no man had to come into contact with said boobs. They were removed promptly after the dancing began, as I realized that “boobs” that wiggle their way to your armpits are quite unattractive. And, since I let nothing get in the way of dancing the night away at a wedding, they went straight into my purse. I then proceeded to dance the night away with my chest slightly deflated. Sorry boys.

These are the invites I designed/made for the wedding:


Very fitting for the event. Classy. Modern. Clean.

Aside from the part where I got puked on at the reception. NOT CLEAN (or classy for that matter). I’m trying to forget about it. But, not before I vent to you of course! Let’s just say I am not a fan of adults who cannot act appropriately at weddings, even still I help them to the bathroom when their eyes roll back into their head and they can’t walk unassisted. I get repaid with puke. It’s not a deal I’ll be taking on again any time soon. It’s funny how that little grey goose can totally ravage a persons brain function!

After arriving home I looked at the pics we took in the photo booth that night and realized this set pretty much summed up the entire event:

Frustrating/tense, Love/bonding, Happiness/relief, Goofy/drunk!

I approve. It was awesome. And yes that is a moose hat Ant is wearing. A few more:

To see more pics of the bride and the wedding check out the photographers blog!

Stay tuned for a rehearsal dinner family photo, and a Restaurant Remake of that toasted berry crumble I had a few weeks ago!


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