Rays of love.

Today I spent about 80% of the day outside. It’s March, and warm, and I’m not quite used to it. I’m getting there though.

I’ve been trying to restrain my food compulsions lately, so today I only ate about 3 servings of chocolate covered peanuts (as opposed to yesterday, when I ate everything in sight). Trust me, it’s an improvement.

Luckily, with the commencement of daylight savings, we are able to take a walk after dinner! It’s heavenly. Gets all of that food moving around, so we only feel slightly guilty for crushing half of a pound of  pasta between the two of us!

Today looked a little something like this :Image

Did you notice Grace’s ball in the pic, not sure that we even have a pic of her without a ball in it!

CK was not sure what the camera was all about, or possibly, a pre “raspberry” shot:Image

Then she caught on…


Poor kid had a rash on her face, because her idiot mom tried to give her some organic multi-grain cereal. Apparently, it doesn’t mix will with baby, too healthy.

I wasn’t too worried, but when everyone that sees your kid gasps and tells you to take them to the doctors, you start to get a little anxious. Reluctantly, I took her to the docs, after about a week. Needless to say, it was exactly what I thought. Hives. For which, the doctor can do nothing, aside from tell you to go buy some benadryl. I opted out of the drugs and it cleared up within a day or two, but….

We’ll be sticking to apple cinnamon yogurt for breakfast until further notice.

A little taste of my afternoon:ImageThis is Rose. She is the cat embodiment of the devil. She likes to attack things, knock this over, and break pretty much everything she touches. She is the cat that does NOT land on her feel when tossed.

Camera string, obviously worth a bat at:


Fail, as usual. She is just so damn smug it kills me.



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