Marathon into a sprint.

My to-do list over the last few weeks has grown exponentially. It’s both awesome and stressful, mostly stressful (until payday ;).

If you can understand any of this…Well, let’s just assume I’m the only crazy person out there that makes list after list of incomprehensible notes. But, if you are anything like me, this is the only way you remember to do anything!

With my sister-in-laws wedding coming up on Saturday, it feels like the finish line is approaching, but it’s really just a mirage. I’m so busy lately I don’t know which way is up. Its great and hectic and insane. My bathrooms have been neglected, and my fridge needs a scrub down, my legs need to be shaved, its really getting out of control over here. You’ve been there, right?

Latest wedding was Aubrey and Pedro! Here are the invites I did for them:


In other news, I have been eating like a horse. Not sure if its because I am trying to gain weight before the wedding on Saturday, or if the abundant sunshine is screwing with my metabolism. I’m going to assume the universe is against me. So to fight back I made these (sort-of healthy) Blueberry-Banana Muffins:

I made up the recipe myself!

Super simple, and everything we have in the house. Unless you forget to buy more sugar at the grocery store, like me.

Mash a couple of bananas, throw is some baking mix:

Toss is some flax, protein, oil, and whatever sugar is left at the bottom of the sugar bowl…

Then add milk and an egg, stir, (and throw in some maple syrup when you realize you were short on sugar, and you want a sweeter muffin!)

A cup of frozen blueberries (next time we’ll go chocolate chip!) and…

After baking for 22 minutes, I immediately dove into one. Forgot to take a picture, and then got creative…


So thats that, and just for good measure:

I’m not the only one exhausted around here! CK fell asleep at the dinner table the other night!


2 thoughts on “Marathon into a sprint.

  1. I am going to make these tomorrow. I need to stop with the cupcakes! So healthy blueberry muffins are a win-win for all of us. And the protein powder is a great addition.

    • You will love them! There is not even butter in them, but lets not rule it out for a great topping to a warm muffin!

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