I’ve been running now for about 3 weeks. Feels like I never left. Don’t get me wrong, my thighs are well aware of their lack of use on a daily basis. But after 8 years of logging every mile, and about a year hiatus, it is good to be back.

I love setting a goal and attaining it with each stride. For some reason, it invigorates me. I’m not going to question the reasoning, just accept my adoration for it.

Decidedly, I’m going to apply this goal setting in the diet portion of my life. Which, as you well know, is not something I am great at controlling.

Goal for the day: eat no refined sugar.

Sounds easy, right? Just stay away from sweets.

AMATEUR. I dare you to go take a look at the ingredients in the bread, or crackers in your pantry. Seriously, go. If you’re anything like me you eat whole grain or multi-grain whatever… (we all like to think we’re healthy)

I was pissed when both of these items had sugar in them.

So may day has gone something like this:

Breakfast: Homemade oatmeal with frozen blueberries and a tsp of honey.

Lunch: Homemade nachos with avocado, chicken, and fresh salsa.

No complaints there.


Of course the sugar cravings kick in, and of course, my neighbor brings by a delicious devilish piece of banana bread, that I KNOW I must refrain from eating until my will gives out. Damn her 😉

I’m sure you admire my strength and fortitude in this endeavor. Don’t. I caved and made these as a “cheat”. They are however, sugar-free!


They are actually pretty good. and can be adapted in SO many ways.

I used this recipe:


I probably used less honey because I ran out:


It’s also possible that I overdid the PB, due to the lack of clean measuring cups in my kitchen at the moment…


Simple. Yum.


After a quick chill:


Like hell I’d wait to take a picture before tasting one!

It’s only 4, but I’d say I’m more than halfway to reaching my goal! Just dinner and polishing off the above plate by the nights end. Typical.

Wish me luck!


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