“The Don”

Why hello there.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I find this to be true, so I know you’ve missed me too.

I’ve been cooking and baking and working and watching. It’s been hectic.

I have to share this AWESOME find I scooped up at the local salvation army store:


Isn’t it darling? And it was under a buck! It even has a tail. 🙂Image

On to life…

The Wake.

With a beautifully fitting eulogy by my brother-in-law, we sent Ant’s grandfather out with a celebration. It was mostly a day of happy reminiscence, and of course, a few tears were mixed in.

You should know that we had this guy watch CK the morning we attended the service:


Poppy (CK’s grandfather) may seem unassuming, but his inner DeNiro is hard to quell on most occasions. He is fiery and stubborn, likes to sing out (very) loud, and eat and eat and eat and eat. Boy can he eat. Anyways, we were afraid to leave her with him because he is the type that forget’s he’s holding a baby when he gets up, or gives them a kiss so loud/hard, that they scream, and then he proceeds to laugh at their fear. It’s not pretty:


We weren’t left with any other options. Wearily, we left her in the hands of “the don” (or so he likes to think).

Much to our surprise, when we arrived back two hours later she was actually napping!




6 thoughts on ““The Don”

    • me too! I almost paid like 8 bucks for one at Barnes and Nobles. I don’t know why I underestimate the Salvation Army!

  1. Val, you’re so creative! I enjoy reading your blog! And love what you said about your dad! He’s great! Hope all is well!

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