Left Field.

Another day another design quip.

Once in a while a client will ask for something out of left field. No, not Phillies related (been there done that)! I met with a bride a few weeks ago who challenged me to create a wedding invitation for her second marriage. She wanted it to be fun and personal. Since her new husband loves racing dragsters, she decided to put one on their invitation. Lucky me.

I spent hours staring at these crazy cars, trying to imagine how to make them look anything but what they are; piles of metal covered in kitschy decals. Tough sell for a wedding invite.

Hurdle number two? (because one hurdle would be too easy) Even more difficult. Making this look like the opposite of a 5 year old boy’s birthday party invitation.

I came up with this:


Let me know what you think. Seriously. What could I have done better? As I look at it I see a few flaws, but I have a feeling your beady little eyes are dying to spill your view of it. Be my guest.

Keep in mind I could not change the colors scheme! 

This went with it as well:




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