All of the comforts

With the passing of Ant’s Grandfather today, I find myself helpless…almost.

Obviously, there are some occasions when nothing can really comfort you.  Yet, I find food to be my best friend in these times (and most other times too).

I know in every Saracino family death, there have always been an endless supply of both close family and great food. Which somehow makes the time we’ve spent together a happy memory, instead of a bittersweet one. Food brings out the best in us: it has the power to put a positive spin on anything. Who could be upset while devouring a piece of chocolate cake? Certainly not I.

Plus, they say food has healing powers. Why argue? (I just reiterate this to myself while I go for seconds of every dish on the table. It’s how I cope.)

In an attempt to help ease the path ahead, I will be baking an array of different foods to present my family.

Starting with Pizzelles!

Nothing says pick-me-up like downing an entire stack of these babies. I think if I included pizzelles in my “single day cookie consumption record” you might never talk to me again. On the contrary, you might want to be my best friend, for then you would NEVER feel bad about yourself. Ever again. Regardless, they are not counted in my record. If I make a batch of these in the morning, I will easily consume a third of it by bedtime. (A batch is SIXTY pizzelles.) Please don’t judge. Or do…I can take it.

These cookies are my Aunt Maries Recipe.

Unlike my mothers recipe which calls for butter, they use oil. (which I like, because I always have it laying around)

White whole wheat flour (don’t rat me out!)

one of the FEW batters I prefer cooked.

They all turn out like this:

And I am totally forced to eat the edges so that they look pretty!

What’s left is brought to the in-laws tomorrow morning!

I probably ate about ten of these while I stood there making them. My stomach hurts. I’m spent…until  we go out for breakfast tomorrow.

Aunt Marie’s Pizzelles

6 eggs

1 3/4 C. sugar

3 C. Flour

1 C. Canola Oil

1 T. Vanilla

1 T. Anise extract

2 T. Anise Seeds

Combine ingredients. Iron the crap out of them. Eat!


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