Me and Running.

Lately I’ve been running in the morning, instead of walking.  I used to run ALL of the time. Then we got Grace and I was walking so much that I had no time to run. It was a fair trade. My waistline was content. Then I had a child, and my flab was creeping outward. It was large, and jutting out in places I am too embarrassed to admit. I have been to lazy to do anything about it until recently.

I need to get into shape because I am a bridesmaid  in my sister-in-law’s wedding in March. Granted, it is a flowy, floor-length gown and the only part of my awesomely rounded body that will be seen are my arms. Nonetheless, I am motivated.

Now, I realize that an exercise that engages my legs is probably not the best way to tone my arms… It’s about all I’ve got in me at the moment though…just go with it.

So, in an attempt to not look like this:

in this:

I take CK in the stroller and Grace (on her leash) for a run around the loop in our development.

this is NOT me.

Instead of posting a picture of what I look like, I am going to help you visualize it. Becuase, I know if I were you, and I thought about the woman on the sidewalk running with her child AND a dog. I would feel like a piece of crap for eating that 9th cookie today too. (You don’t eat 9 cookies in one day? Oh, Just me I guess…)

I am not that woman you are jealous of, TRUST ME.

In order for you to get the full effect picture this:

Imagine an old man. Say, in his 80’s. At least one knee replacement, probably hiding a pacemaker. He is wrinkly, his shorts are a little too short. He is huffing and puffing, sort of has that smokers cough going as he runs. (although, you know he doesn’t smoke becuase he is still running at this age.) Sweat is pouring off of his furrowed brow. You wonder if you should follow him to make sure he makes it home ok… You know the type, right?

Now imagine that old man, in a sports bra.

THAT is what I look like.

…behind a jogging stroller and with a dog in tow.  (I didn’t even lie and say it was an old woman. I look like a man when I am all red and sweaty. It is a fact of which I am not proud.)

Note: Please do not google “man in sports bra” like I just did. You will  either 1. be scarred for life, or 2. pee your pants.






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