or…Today I learned,

That my cat, and my child make very similar noises while riding the car.


You ask, why were you all riding in the car today, instead of outside enjoying the beautiful weather?

Well its very simple you see. Because Nala, our awesome annoying cat, decided to get into a fight with a pricker bush in our back yard. The pricker bush won. She has two wounds. One on her arm and one on her back (that is oozing and nasty).

I’m ruining your day aren’t I? I’m not trying to. I promise. I just want to give you a taste of my day, because the pricker bush battle was only the beginning.


After licking the wound raw, we ended up at the vet: Me, Nala, and CK that is. (I should note that we were JUST there on Monday for Gracie’s ear infection.)

Anyways, We get through our vet telling us that she needs to be on antibiotics and ointment for the wounds. Fine. I can handle that.

I get in the car, and call Ant to tell him how it went. Things are still good.

I hang up, look over at this face, and…


She peed in the carrier. She is sitting in this toxic crap. (not literally crap, that would have been way worse)

SMELLY CAT PISS is pervading the car, so smelly it woke up my sleeping child in the back seat.

We get home. I wrestle her for about 10 minutes trying to clean her up. I eventually gave up. She retreated to under the bed.

Everything is back to normal. Except for the smelly cat carrier sitting outside of our front door.

I refuse to touch it.


3 thoughts on “TIL…

  1. June did the same thing on Friday. Peed in the car on the way home. “Stings the nostrils” – to quote Anchorman. Sorry to hear about Nala, hope she feels better soon.

    PS – I love this blog! I’m hooked 🙂

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