round two

Before I start on about design…

My business made its way into the Philly Inquirer today via a Bride that used my services!

Check me out here! Because lets be real, the actual paper is never going to find its way into your hands.

I know this is not a big deal to anyone other than myself. But, I also know you would be doing the same thing if you were in the paper.

Right?    maybe not….

on to round two…

Last night I sat on the couch for about 1.5 hours staring at my logo designs trying to improve and innovate. Ant came down to give me his opinion (which was helpful, as usual). After I had perfected the 4 I had come up with, and BEFORE I decided to save again, the program crashed. Leaving me to recall from memory, the designs we like the best.

Again, thinking and recalling are not my strong points. I am generally a do-er. Most of the time sans thinking.

anyways here is what we have come up with for round two of the design process.

It is by no means complete, but more feedback would be GREAT! I was only kidding about the bad and the ugly, I would like to hear them too.  I didn’t think you would take me seriously….


2 thoughts on “round two

  1. Bottom left is my favorite, maybe tilt the custom invitations and designs to the right side. Just a thought, I know nothing.

    I do not think, however you are a ladybug kind of girl.

    • I know… I was considering changing the company name to Luvbug studios.That is how the ladybug came about.

      I’ll try your suggestion!

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