Weekend of awesome.

The weekends are when we do awesome stuff as a family. Generally, I am passed out on the couch by 9:30 during the week. It’s not pretty. I’m sure Ant would be happy to take a photo of me drooling for me to post. I’m not an attractive sleeper, and I can admit it.

Friday night we went to Victory Brewery. Pretty much my favorite place to have a beer, only one. That is, on average, all I can handle tastefully. So strong, so scrumptious. If I delve into a second,t here is no telling what might come out of my mouth, or what might go in. (I’m talking about food here people.) You have already learned that I have NO self control, alcohol is simply my catalyst to poor food choices. On Friday, I managed to make a great choice by going with the Black Bean soup! (I will attempt to recreate in a future post.)

Come Saturday, I was stoked to enjoy the nice weather.  I somehow managed to get Ant out of bed by 8, and we were hanging out at the bookstore by 9! We got coffee, and CK got to bang two plastic cups together to her hearts content. Fun right? Maybe not to you? I understand. How about a rousing game of peek-a-boo in the aisle of the bookstore? Still a no? Ok, I’m moving on.

The purpose of going to the bookstore was to read to CK, and find some books for us too.

Ant thought differently.

He read the first two pages of about 10 books to her, not finishing a single one (not that she minded)! Then he repeatedly said how much cheaper he could get the books for on amazon. Needless to say, he was right. We came home and ordered $120 worth of books between the three of us!

We went for a hike (and Grace a swim). Dug into some frozen yogurt, came home and crashed on the couch.


(This is from another day, but we didn’t look any different yesterday, I promise.)

TODAY we went to the Market Street Grille, and I can’t wait to go back!


all you need to know is that I got this:

Toasted Berry Granola Crumble, topped with vanilla yogurt.


and I ate about 3/4 of it. Then they rolled me out the front door mooing.

…about an hour later I polished off the rest at home. I proceeded to moo from the couch.

The best part of THIS weekend, is that there is still tomorrow to enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Weekend of awesome.

  1. I not only love the mooing shout out, but also the picture.

    Do you think you can recreate the breakfast and share with the rest of us?!?

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