I guess not…

After pushing CK in the stroller up some steep grassy hills, throwing the ball for Grace, and running around doing any number of the errands on my to-do list, I am hot, and slightly tired. There could not be a more appropriate time for an iced coffee. I’m not picky DD or Starbucks would do the trick.

However, the $1.19 in my bank account begs to differ.

I stared at the account overview page for a minute, pretending to be confused as to where all of my money could have gone. Don’t be fooled. I know perfectly well that I have no money, it is never a surprise when my account is this low.  Don’t feel bad. I like to live on the edge. ( I can sense my dad cringing at this)

So instead, I have created my own version of iced coffee at home, for free.

It’s nothing fancy. I could sense how excited you were for a second there. Just some Trader Joe’s instant coffee and creamer. I heat up a small amount of water; just enough to dissolve the crystals. Then add massive amounts of ice, and also lots of creamer. Stir and enjoy.

Take that citizens bank!

…thank god for tax returns 😉

Also, in case you were wondering, I polished off seven of those cookies on Tuesday. (nowhere close to my record)

Go soak up this sunshine before Mother Nature remembers its February!!!


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