falling out of love

In an effort to combat all of the valentines day hype. I have decided to end my relationship. I know, I know, you’re thinking…that’s terrible, her child, her dog….her FAMILY. It is not going to be easy, but in the end it will be for the better. This has gone on too long, and over the years, my self control and self image have suffered due to this destructive relationship. It has been physically abusive and I am finally putting an end to it.

My love affair with food (specifically, refined sugar) is officially over. Aren’t you proud of me?

Oh, you’re embarrassed that you thought I was actually physically abused? Don’t be, my waist would tell you otherwise. Tight jeans can leave some pretty nasty marks on your gut, and all the way down your inner thigh for that matter. And bikinis, the mental scars that they can leave last a lifetime.

Well I am going to show food some abuse. My sugar canister is not even gonna KNOW what hit it. Seriously, because I am not going to hit it up for a while. Is this a weird conversation I am having with myself right now?

I want you to meet Grace. We are best friends. don’t judge. she totally gets me.


Dammit, my mom just called, she has some pizzelles for me. They are homemade…

There is always tomorrow, Right?


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