Turning over a new leaf

I thought this blog was going to be about my business. But, recently I decided, I would rather share my “business” instead. Confused? Don’t be you would much rather hear about my “business” than my business. Trust me.

I want to write about:

my cooking adventures, and my love affair with food.

my parenting adventures…reguardless of how sleep deprived they may end up!

my husband, he doesn’t get enough credit. He is everything anyone could ever want in a person.

Our dog, our hikes, and our life.

and sometimes, my business. Invitations are part of my life, I might as well accept it.

if you don’t like this photograph, we might not be able to be friends. No hard feelings.

This is not going to be easy for me. I loathe cameras and taking pictures. I feel that we should be living the moment instead of trying to capture it! Nonetheless, I will do my best.


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